Over 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. Bad news.

But that means they’re avoidable, too. Good news.

Start empowering your employees and keep your business safe and secure.

From phishing emails and fraudulent payments, to sharing sensitive data and “exactly where were you going to leave that laptop?” — security awareness training is about educating your people and giving them the know-how to play their part.

Got it covered?

Guessing you’ve got some kind of IT solution that prevents these kind of breaches, right? Wrong. Cyber-crime gets smarter every day, so if you can’t keep up with the new, tricky ways it operates, you’re always going to be at risk.

Individuals at all levels are targeted, so everyone needs to be able to spot the danger signs for themselves, and keep your property and data protected. Forget boring text the length of your arm, and predictable multiple-choice questions— this type of training people forget in a heartbeat.

Keep your employees connected with:

  • Real-life scenarios
  • Interactive experiences
  • Clear insights
  • Relevant personal practise
  • Everyday do’s and don’ts

This is the stuff that matters. Memorable and manageable — and ready to put into action. And this is what The Defence Work does better than anyone.

Toughen up!

The days where security awareness and cyber-crime were somebody else’s business are over.

Employees are sending and receiving emails, submitting payments, saving important documents, and are (sometimes sneakily) casually browsing retail sites and social media feeds at all times of the day and night.

Want a real, effective defence? Put your people first when it comes to security insights and actions for a culture that understands and cares — and even better, kicks the stuffing out of cyber-crime.