Technology and Cybersecurity

What can we learn from Netflix’s “You”?

February 11, 2019

Netflix’s latest hit binge-watch, “You”, has been getting a heap of...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Critical Cybercrime: How Cybersecurity Affects Manufacturing

February 1, 2019

In December of 2016, a Ukrainian electricity grid went down. A...

Technology and Cybersecurity

“Sheer terror” as hacked Nest Security camera broadcasts nuclear bomb attack warning

January 24, 2019

Picture the scene. It’s an ordinary day.  You’re at home with...

Technology and Cybersecurity

What is the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation All About Anyway?

January 23, 2019

The GDPR may have made a big splash in the headlines,...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Google smacked with £44m GDPR fine

January 21, 2019

This is BIG news. Google has been issued with a record...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Facebook’s “10 Year Photo Challenge” – Pure fun or privacy failure?

January 17, 2019

Now, we don’t want to sound like party-poopers but the latest...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Learning from Cybercrime: How Cybersecurity is Impacting the Education Sector

January 11, 2019

Edmodo is a social platform that is used across 190 countries...

Technology and Cybersecurity

A Costly Crime: How Cybersecurity is Affecting the Financial Sector

December 20, 2018

The financial sector is in many ways synonymous with cybercrime; after...

Technology and Cybersecurity

A Healthy Outlook for Cybercrime? How Cybersecurity is Affecting the Healthcare Sector

December 14, 2018

On the morning of the 12th May 2017, healthcare staff in...

Technology and Cybersecurity

2018 Roundup – The Cybersecurity Mega-Hacks of the Year

December 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again where we look back to...

Technology and Cybersecurity

In Through the Outdoor: The Insider Threat

December 7, 2018

None of us like to think that an employee or colleague...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Is the Internet of Things Creepy Tech or Can Security by Design Save It?

December 3, 2018

First, we had the desktop computer and floppy disks. Then along...