March 11, 2019

The Defence Works are recognised worldwide as a leading provider of online security awareness training and this week our MD, Edward Whittingham, was asked to comment upon the latest news that UK banks are facing a targeted phishing and malware attack.

SC Media UK sought comment on the emerging story, in which financial organisations throughout Asia have already been targeted, with the phishing campaign set to hit out internationally.

It is thought that a Russian gang may well be behind the attacks, although this is still be investigated at the time of writing.

Stephen Gailey, Head of Solutions Architect at Exabeam explained that:

“This form of attack is actually really common and organisations which don’t have a robust defence against it, whatever the source or intent, are just waiting for the inevitable breach. No amount of training or staff awareness will help as one breach is generally all it takes. No amount of threat intelligence will get you ahead of every possible vector for this attack”

Edward Whittingham, MD of The Defence Works, ultimately raised that the go-to user behaviour must be to avoid clicking on links:

“Hovering over the link to see the destination URL is always a good idea. By doing this, users can check out the true destination which will typically not reflect the actual brand that it pretends to be from, or it will be close, but misconfigured in some way”

These types of attacks, recognised by fellow industry professionals, reinforces why organisations should work with companies like The Defence Works, to deliver security awareness training to help educate employees and equip them with the knowledge they need to defence themselves.

You can read the full article over at SC Magazine: https://www.scmagazineuk.com/uk-banks-warned-new-botnet/article/1578045 

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