Breaking Scams

A Tale of Two Financial Scams

August 19, 2019

This week, we go off-piste with our usual format and look...

Technology and Cybersecurity

You can’t reset your fingerprint

August 14, 2019

Israeli security researchers have discovered an unprotected online database holding the...

Security Awareness Training

How To Train Your Employees About Cyber Security

August 9, 2019

The World Economic Forum in their latest report, “The Global Risks...

Technology and Cybersecurity

The week in breaches

August 8, 2019

The dog days of Summer have been a busy time for...

Technology and Cybersecurity

You’re Sacked Because We’ve Been Hacked

August 6, 2019

When an organisation suffers a cyber-attack, they experience lost customer data,...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Google’s smart home assistants are leaking voice data

July 16, 2019

Google has admitted a breach of more than 1,000 customer conversations recorded...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Sector Focus: Construction – “Building better defences”

July 12, 2019

Crime has always been a fact-of-life the construction industry. With expensive...

The Defence Works

Financial Times speaks to The Defence Works about “blockbuster GDPR fines”

July 12, 2019

Here at The Defence Works we’re often asked by news publications...

Technology and Cybersecurity

GDPR Bares Its Teeth

July 10, 2019

British Airways and global hotel chain Marriott have been hit with...

Technology and Cybersecurity

When breaches go from digital to physical

July 5, 2019

US medical equipment giant Medtronic has initiated a massive recall of...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Smart home. Vulnerable home.

July 3, 2019

A company that makes smart home devices is leaking customer data...

Technology and Cybersecurity

Sector focus: Manufacturing

July 2, 2019

Like most sectors, manufacturing has spent the last decade rapidly going...