April 1, 2020

At The Defence Works, it goes without saying that we’re 100% committed to helping support businesses through COVID-19.  That’s why, since the announcement of isolation, we’ve been busy beavering away to create a brand-new Working from Home course to help keep organisations secure throughout this difficult time.

Our new Working from Home course covers:

  • Some general COVID-19 guidance when working from home to help employees stay mentally fit and healthy;
  • The personal pros and security cons of working from home;
  • Ways to reduce the risks when working from home; and
  • … some interactive scenarios to aid your employees’ understanding.

working from home covid-19 security awareness training

It’s ready, now – and available free of charge for all current security awareness customers. If you’d like to know how security awareness training packages work, sign up for a free demo here.

We’ve taken the unusual step of also including a short animation to help users with some positive steps towards maintaining good mental health whilst working in isolation, as we recognise these are unprecedented times and this can be a really good medium through which to share this message with employees“.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I really hope you like our new Working from Home course, especially seen as it’s so important right now more than ever with cyber-criminals preying upon the pandemic.

From everyone here at The Defence Works, we all wish you and yours the very best of health.

Eddie Whittingham, Founder and MD at The Defence Works

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