December 11, 2018

At The Defence Works, we’re often asked to comment on issues relating to cyber-security and how this affects businesses, particularly throughout the UK given our prominent position within the marketplace.

Last week, we spoke to The Telegraph to provide our thoughts on how cybercrime is currently affecting SMEs and this week we we’re asked by SC Media UK to offer our insight in to how the government is helping SMEs and how Brexit might have a potential impact on the risks faced by organisations around the globe.

Our MD, Eddie Whittingham, provided his insight thoughts and concerns as to how Brexit could affect the way in which government bodies, intelligence services and the wider intelligence network will continue to operate:

“Will it become more difficult for these key service provides to work together and how will data sharing with EU/UK citizens be affected? We’re facing an unprecedented risk and one which is only going to escalate, so now more than ever, we need to be able to work freely and efficiently with countries – both in the EU and worldwide. Will Brexit make this more difficult? I hope not, but I can’t imagine it will make it any easier and that is the concern,”

The article also considers just how far the UK Government are going to help businesses throughout the UK, with Ajit Patel, CEO of Siccura, considering that the UK government is not taking steps to tackle cyber-attacks and help UK businesses.

“It becomes apparent that UK has created a ‘UK’s National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP)’. One of the provisions behind this initiative is to address the issues relating to breaches occurring as a result of human error. Though this is a good sign from the UK government, it is worrying that there is hardly any media coverage, thus making SMEs feel as though they are left alone to deal with cyber-attacks,” he said.

We thought Ajit Patel raised an interesting point, particularly as at The Defence Works, our security awareness training is GCHQ-accredited as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme.  We certainly shout from the hill tops about this, but could the government be doing more to share this information?  And what else could be done to help protect businesses in the UK and, indeed, the wider world?

We’re committed to eliminating fraud and cyber-risk once and for all!  There is help out there and there are organisations ready to help you fight back, but we all need to do more to share this information with businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

You can read the full article here: https://www.scmagazineuk.com/uk-firms-feel-let-down-government-cyber-security/article/1520757

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