“Knowing we’re working with the best in the business – The Defence Works, to help raise that awareness throughout our organisation helps me sleep at night!”

  • No. of employees: 400+
  • Time as customer: 2+ years
  • Industry: Charity
  • Services used: Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing, Policy Management, GDPR Awareness


  • Dramatic increase in cyber and data awareness across the organisation.
  • A positive change in culture, towards information security.
  • Assistance with ISO 27001 accreditation.
  • Positive reporting of incidents and increased transparency by employees.


  • To raise staff awareness in relation to IT security
  • Create a level of staff engagement previously unachievable
  • Assist with ISO 27001 accreditation requirements
  • Reduce overall risk to cyber-crime

The Challenges

We recognised that a widespread lack of security awareness with employees was a real risk area for the organisation, particularly in light of the Charity Commissions recent warnings about the industry being targeted. Despite previous attempts, there had been an inability to get staff to engage with our efforts to reduce this risk.

Security awareness training had been attempted previously, with a different provider, however, this suffered from a low adoption rate and we faced a real challenge to engage with employees around the issue of cyber and data security.

Following a tender process, we were impressed with The Defence Works’ online Hub, appealing drip-fed training and ease of use.

Getting Started

We found launching their security awareness training very straight forward, as The Defence Works provided a full onboarding process, at no cost. Getting started was very, very easy. I was particularly impressed with The Defence Works as, following the successful tender process, we had an organisational reshuffle resulting in me taking lead on the project, picking it up just prior to launch from a colleague. This could have been a nightmare but was made so simple by The Defence Works, who ensured we were up and running without a hitch.

The Solution

The Defence Works’ security awareness training is very good and of very good quality. It’s easy to understand and navigate around within the online portal, and our staff love the bite-size, drip-fed nature of the training.

It genuinely has helped our organisation to create a buzz around security awareness, especially with the leader board creating some friendly competition and adding to the fun!

With a workforce of over 400 employees, located across the UK, our staff have also been able to benefit from using the mobile friendly training on their mobile phones and tablet devices, making the training particularly easy to use.

We also found the process of conducting phishing simulations really straightforward and recognise that ongoing phishing tests are a great way to keep the workforce engaged.

The Results

The Defence Works have helped immeasurably with our cyber and data awareness. We have employees engaged with all aspects, including GDPR, and the greater awareness is clear.

We’re definitely seeing a change in culture, which is thanks to the combination of phishing and the bite-size training. The fact it is made so relevant to our end users, both from a work perspective, but also personally, has definitely got people talking positively about information security.

As we have ISO 27001 certification, the online security awareness training has also helped with our audits and I’m comforted knowing the training is reaching the right people, in the right way.

We have also seen a remarkable turnaround in the positive reporting of incidents to the IT Service Desk, as well as increased transparency by employees of the issues they’re facing. We’re really pleased to see a willingness from our employees to talk more about their issues, as increased reporting can only be a good thing. There’s definitely a greater understanding now of the roles staff play in helping to keep our organisation secure.

Knowing we’re working with the best in the business – The Defence Works, to help raise that awareness throughout our organisation helps me sleep at night!