“Very engaging and interactive security awareness training”

  • No. of employees: 1,00+
  • Offices: 3 across the UK
  • Industry: Finance
  • Services Used: Security Awareness Training, GDPR Awareness

The Problem

Having seen the rise of cyber-crime over recent years, we recognised that there was a growing need to try and reduce that risk to our organisation, particularly a need to educate our staff and to help raise the awareness of the types of issues our employees are likely to see on a daily basis. It’s important to educate staff, as it helps them to understand the risks and ultimately, helps our organisation mitigate that risk.

Naturally, we process and deal with large amounts of confidential client data, so we have already implemented a range of measures to prevent incidents of cyber-crime.

We’d invested in additional security measures from a technical perspective, which is obviously a great step forward, but we also recognised that there is only so much that technology can do to reduce any potential issues – the rest is up to our employees to remain vigilant and that’s why we knew training for our employees was a must.

The Solution

The Defence Work’s security awareness training means we’re going above and beyond to help keep our client’s information safe and, ultimately, the training complements our current I.T measures and internal processes to help us reduce our risk as much as possible.

We benefit from a programme of security awareness training for our employees, which ensures they receive regular, bite-size training on a wide range of topics from phishing emails and ransomware, right the way through to password management and using mobile devices safely.

The drip-fed training is really beneficial, as it means we know the employees are maintaining a good level of understanding of the risks. As they receive training in short, bite-size chunks on a monthly basis, this ensures they’re proactively thinking about the security of our organisation.

If we receive a suspicious looking email, it’s really pleasing to see our employees asking questions now – there is definitely a heightened sense of security amongst the workforce and we’re more alert to the types of attacks that we’re likely to face.

Not only do we have a heightened sense of security within our workforce, but our employees have found the training to be really engaging and interesting – not always an easy balance to strike given the nature of the topic, but The Defence Works do a great job!

The skills they learn also don’t just apply to our employees’ work life, so they’re gaining skills that can help them in their personal lives too.

Working with The Defence Works

By using The Defence Works’ employee training on cyber-crime and fraud, we have been able to provide training to our entire workforce, across multiple sites, without having to abstract any employees from their daily work – all at just a fraction of the cost of traditional training and consultancy methods.
We’re very pleased with the training we’ve received from The Defence Works, it’s short and snappy and delivered at just the right level without being too technical. It’s definitely helped us to reduce our risk, which in turn means we’re doing the best to protect our client.

We have definitely seen a return on our investment. When you consider the potential implications, a cyber incident could have, there is no doubt as to getting a return on investment.

An incident could cost our organisation thousands of pounds per hour, so the small amount we pay to receive our training is without doubt money well spent.

We’re really proud to be driving engagement and reducing our risk, which is a must when you look at the risks faced by organisations at the moment. In comparison to traditional training methods alone, this is a far more effective way of training staff and with the added bonus of the training being received year-round, we’d recommend The Defence Works to other organisations looking to reduce their risk of fraud and cyber-crime.