“We really value honest, professional relationships with our suppliers and The Defence Works have this in abundance”

  • No. of employees: 10,000
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Services Used: Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing, Policy Management, GDPR Awareness
  • Services Implemented: Custom Fraud Prevention Awareness Training Programme


  • Delivery of an engaging, interactive and bespoke training programme
  • High engagement achieved
  • Cost-saving


  • To create a bespoke awareness training programme
  • Cost-effective alternative to face-to-face training
  • Available in multiple-languages

The Challenges:

We had previously delivered our fraud prevention awareness training programme to our worldwide workforce face to face, however, we recognised that there was a need to deliver the training in a far more cost-effective way, as well as ensuring employees received a consistent message throughout.
As a global charity, we were clearly very budget conscious when deciding on who we ought to partner with for this training programme and we also recognised that it was really important to deliver the content in an interesting and engaging way. We found The Defence Works to be very approachable right from the start and they made us feel like there were no stupid questions – they were genuinely very easy to deal with. Having already seen the quality of their training, we knew they were a good fit.

Getting Started:

The whole process has been quite easy. We were able to share our vision of the training with The Defence Works and they ran with it, bringing it to life and creating really interesting training that is completely on brand. The onboarding process has been straight forward too, as we’re benefitting from using The Defence Works online Hub, which is very user friendly.

The Solution:

The training is both really interesting and very engaging. We’ve also been impressed with how The Defence Works have translated the content to our requirements, ensuring it can be utilised by our workforce worldwide. The training itself is completely on brand and it’s been made very engaging through the use of clever interactions, with lots of variety which has been key to our user engagement.

We’re really pleased with how the whole training process has gone. Even during the customisation of the content, it was a case of The Defence Works chasing us to meet the deadlines, rather than the other way around, which is really refreshing. Their professional and approachable manner really helped make our awareness programme a success.

The Results:

Having have now rolled out our awareness training programme, throughout the entire organisation to great effect, we’re really pleased. The end-product is so cohesive, it all links so well, right the way from the delivery, to the content, to the branding. Better yet, it has been really well received by our employees world-wide and we’re excited to see the impact this has upon our organisation over the long-term.

Even just considering the money saved, having previously delivered the training face-to-face, there has been a huge saving. We’ve been really pleased with The Defence Works from start to finish and look forward to working with the team long-term.