“We’d recommend The Defence Works in a heartbeat”

  • No. of employees: 10+
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Services used: Security Awareness Training, GDPR Awareness

The Challenges:

Due to the nature of our work we handle and process personal information on behalf of our customers.
With several high-profile data breaches involving large firms appearing in the press, we noted an increase in customers requesting details of the information security measures that we had in place to prevent such a breach occurring. We decided to take a pro-active step to reducing our risk against fraud and cyber-crime.

The Solution:

We benefit from access to The Defence Works online Hub, where our employees receive a range of valuable, engaging and professional security awareness training content.

The set-up process was really quick and simple meaning that we were able to commence training straightaway. We’ve found the security awareness training, which incorporates fraud and cyber-crime training, together with best practice guidance, to be a great tool to enable us to reduce our risk as well as helping us address our client’s concerns about security.

Working with The Defence Works:

We really like how The Defence Works delivers the training – the content is engaging and pitched at the right level with in-built testing to ensure the knowledge is being absorbed. I find this approach so much better than formal courses that can take up a whole day.

My experience is that formal courses result in employees implementing what they’ve learnt for a short period after the course but after a while, users revert back to their normal habits. The approach of drip feeding the training in smaller chunks each month means our employees are learning more and it’s much more flexible.

Working with The Defence Works has increased confidence in our employees to prevent fraud and cyber-crime, as they’re more aware and the great examples provided in the cyber training, helps put the issues into context.

It’s also a great way of evidencing our commitment to protecting our customer’s sensitive information. Better yet, the training is really engaging and doesn’t need a lot of time, so it is easy to fit in around our busy schedule.

In addition, we would have spent much more money and time if we arranged the courses individually, so I feel The Defence Works is the also the most cost-effective option too.

We would definitely recommend working with The Defence Works, in fact, I’d go as far to say it’s essential for any small business.